That Blupi has to carry it to the door with the same letter to open it. A fence or two might come in handy. This article is under construction. A big block supported by tank treads. Can be pushed into holes to fill them.

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Can be popped by nasty Blupis.

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Rolls forward by an additional tile after the Blupi finished pushing it. If a Blupi's energy becomes too low redhe will become weaker, slowing down his walking speed and making him unable to jump.

Having a Blupi have some drink can replenish his lost stamina, but if he drinks too much, he will collapse through the floor. One mode is where Blupi and in some puzzles more Blupis starts off the puzzle with a balloon, being blindfolded. BLUPI is a robot and you've got the radio-controls. The player can configure the controls for the remote-controlled Blupi. This enemy can fall into holes, but does not fill them unlike the Heavy Machine. Put a pair of glasses in front of him so he can see the balloon.

It tracks Blupi constantly if it detects a nearby Blupi head on or blupiania never from its behind. A Blupi will read it if he interacts with it.

The player can also use tools in the suspended puzzle. Here's a new trick: Disappears if a Blupi touches it.

Blupimania 2

The player can also create their own puzzles. In the autonomous Blupis mode, Blupis that spawn from the starting hole are blindfolded. A fence or two might come in handy. If a radio-controlled Blupi turns nasty, the player loses control of that particular Blupi.

The player controls the cursor that is used to place or remove objects, depending on the tool s available in the current puzzle. Once pushed, it will slide in a straight line until it bumps into a solid object or falls into a hole.

A fake equivalent exists, with the only differences being the lack of spoon and slightly different labeling on the bottle. Can be pushed by a Blupi if he has enough energy.

Trick it into blulimania hole Only allows a Blupi to walk over it once, after which a hand will pop up, turning it into a solid obstacle. Blupis caught by this enemy will be zapped.

A big block supported by tank treads. Comes in three variations: Having the blindfolded Blupi walk into blupimanix pair of glasses will make him regain his sight.


Attracts all Blupis as long as there are no solid obstructions. This article is under construction. Give both BLUPIs a pair of glasses, then set a table so they can get enough energy to jump over the flower bed. Can be broken by rolling a ball or having a Heavy Machine go through it. An upright device with four pointy zappers, each pointing to one of the four main directions. In the radio-controlled Blupis mode, the titular Blupis are basically robots that the player can directly control or even command to perform a certain task.

Can be detonated, usually to create a passage. Like the first Blupimania, you can create your own puzzles.

Can only be opened with a key with the same letter.

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